Bespoke software development is an approach, in which applications or other solutions are developed specifically for the customer needs.

Bright examples of using bespoke software-

Two world’s largest e-commerce platforms like eBay Amazon are great examples of a bespoke software. Instead of just selling a range of items using any of the ready-made e-commerce solutions, these companies have developed their own bespoke e-commerce platform which exists for the sellers and buyers connection.


Every solution have its good and not so good sides.
Bespoke software advantages and disadvantages are easily recognizable, and notable ones are given below:

1. Security assurance

Using regular product is quite risky. If someone tries to hack the program, all of those who use it may be in danger, and their personal data is vulnerable. The bespoke software can be hacked only with the targeted attack. Your application may have extra security measures to ensure its safety. A custom service application development company may also enhance your solution’s integration with other tools. It makes your team’s work much more intuitive and easy.

2. Your unique solution

Custom program development will keep you competitive. Moreover, it has a significant influence on your work rate since its functionality is tailored to your needs. Having solution like this will release you of “sharing” the tools with your opponents. With bespoke business solutions, you will be guaranteed that the software makes a significant adjust for all of your business’ needs.


1. High upfront cost

The upfront cost is relatively high, but in the long-term perspective like three years and you’ll see that tailor-made program is much more attractive.

2. Time and energy

People are rarely aware of the needs of their business. Sometimes it will need some time to make internal research on it, to see that features. Customized tools make no sense if not matching those feature. Off-the-shelf solutions, in this case, are good because of its versatility.